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Links for Clients

  1. NetX360: investment account access (use 47Y as the Financial Organization Number)

  2. FilesAnywhere dropbox: just upload your documents to this secure dropbox

Most Recent Press Citations or Authored Articles

  1. Contributor for “Adviser & Client” -- monthly, since June 2014

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  3. SBN Philadelphia, “Investing in a Better World is Inherently Good Planning” -- November 2012

  4. Morningstar Advisor, “Practicing What She Preaches” -- October 2012

  5. Bull City Forward Blog, “You say SRI and I say Sustainable Investing” -- October 2012

  6. Financial Advisor, “Low-Cost Impact Investing” -- September 2012

  7. Dow Jones, “The Right and Wrong Ways to Find a Niche” -- August 2012

  8. New York Times, “A Financial Plan for the Truly Fed Up’ -- August 2012

  9. Money, “Help Free Your Grad From Debt” -- June 2012

  10. Investment News, “Socially Conscious Funds are Blossoming” -- May 2012

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  12., “How to Spot a Money Waster” -- March 2012

  13., “10 Money Challenges Everyone Should Try” -- March 2012

  14. Kiplinger’s, “Earn Higher Returns with Microloans” -- December 2011

  15. Marotta Money Blog, “Magnify the Impact of Our Money” -- December 2011

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  20., “4 Tips for Single, Female Homebuyers” -- April 2010

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  23. New York Times, “Rules Ease Roth Conversions, but Benefits Vary” -- January 2010

  24. Investment Advisor, “Putting SRI into Practice” -- December 2009

Proud Supporter of Organizations Making an Impact

  1. Sustain-a-Bull -- promoting and supporting locally-owned, independent businesses in Durham

  2. Clean Energy Victory Bonds -- supporting the passage of the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2012

Speaker at Local Organizations

  1. Advanced Energy -- “Socially Responsible Investing 101”

  2. Traction -- “Socially Responsible Investing 101”

  3. RTI -- “Investing in the Stock Market versus Real Estate”

Interesting Links

  1. CFP Board - guide on How to Choose a Financial Planner

  2. NAPFA - guide on How to Choose a Financial Planner

  3. NAPFA Planning Perspectives - free, quarterly e-newsletter

  4. NAPFA Consumer Webinar series - free, monthly webinars about financial planning topics

  5. US SIF - a full range of resources related to all aspects of socially responsible and sustainable investing

  6. Investing to Curb Climate Change: A Guide for the Individual Investor - produced by US SIF

  7. How to add SRI into Retirement Plans.pdf - produced by Green America and Social(k)

  8. National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions - nationwide database for community development credit unions

  9. National Green Pages - directory of products and services for people and the planet

  10. Direction$ for Women - empowering, educating, and engaging women in the management of their personal finance

  11. Pride Planners - a resource for special planning issues for unmarried couples

  12. Behavior Gap - Carl Richards explores investor behavior through sketches

  13. College Board - all-around resources related to planning for, applying to, and paying for college

  14. Saving for College - resource for information on 529 plans

  15. - a go-to resource about health insurance managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

  16. Collaborative Divorce - learn more about collaborative divorce and find an attorney

  17. Moving Forward on Your Own - a financial guidebook for widows

  18. Social Security - get your Social Security statement online

  19. Annual Credit Report - request your free annual credit report from 3 reporting agencies

  20. -- Debt help organization with a broad range of topics related to getting out of debt and repairing your credit

  21. Bankrate’s credit card calculator - how much is the minimum credit card payment costing you?

  22. The Mindful Money Mentality - great book to read before hiring a financial planner.

  23. - CFP® who is a financial coach for women wanting to change their money story

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Jump. It is not as wide as you think.

                                                   - Native American saying